Sushi Browser 0.13.X Brings Tab Mix Plus and DownThemAll Functionality, Address Bar Auto Completion, Vertical Tab Improvements, and More

Sushi Browser 0.13.X Brings Tab Mix Plus and DownThemAll Functionality, Address Bar Auto Completion, Vertical Tab Improvements, and More

Kura52, creator of Sushi Browser, released versions 0.13.0 and 0.13.1 on January 8, 0.13.2 on January 9, 0.13.3 on January 12, 0.13.4 and 0.13.5 on January 14, and 0.13.6 on January 16. 0.13.0 has the most updates, and the others are minor releases.

I’ve included most of the release updates below. Starting with 0.13.0, Sushi includes:

  •  Some Tab Mix Plus functionality, including
    • Open New Tab in background
    • Open New Tab next to current one
    • Max number of rows to display (ties into Multi-row feature)
    • Tab minimum and maximum width setting
    • Show tabs in page theme color
    • Background Color of current, unread, and other tabs
    • Text Color of current, unread, and other tabs
    • Copy the tab’s URL to the clipboard
    • Reload All Tabs
    • Mute Tab
    • Reopen all closed tabs
  • An auto complete function
    • Search engine suggestions
    • Control of the order of and number of search and history suggestions
  • Download improvements
    • Collective downloading function by consecutive numbers
    • The use of URLs and dates in filenames
  • Vertical tab improvements
    • Foldable hierarchies
  • Opening panels of search engines via right-clicks of text
  • Additions of keyboard shortcuts
  • Additions of Chrome extension APIs
  • YouTube-dl 2017.12.31
  • Update to Muon 4.5.36 (Chromium 63.0.3239.132)
  • Bug fixes

0.13.1 adds:

  • Chrome extension fixes
  • Improvement of window closing
  • Bug fixes

0.13.2 adds:

  • Fix for a fatal bug when loading pages
  • Bug fixes
  • The ability to change the color of the mute, pin, and reload icons

0.13.3 contains:

  • Fix for a fatal bug regarding mute
  • Widevine support
  • YouTube-dl 2018.01.07
  • Muon 4.5.38

0.13.4 brings:

  • Fix for dragging and dropping tabs
  • Fix for a search-related bug

0.13.5 contains:

  • Fix for a session bug
  • Fix for a drag effect

Lastly, 0.13.6 has:

  • Fix for controlling videos in iframes
  • Improvement of Chrome extensions’ popup behavior

Let’s talk about my favorite of these: the Tab Mix Plus functionality.

As some Firefox users are aware of, Tab Mix Plus is an extension that adds new functionality to tabs. This includes muting and opening, reloading, and context menu options. It’s only compatible with pre-Quantum (pre-version 57) Firefox-based browsers, including forks like Waterfox and Pale Moon, and no other browser type. There is no Chromium extension or out-of-the-box functionality equivalent to Tab Mix Plus. At best, only the tab positioning can be changed. I used Tab Position Options to manipulate Sushi’s tab opening behavior in fact, that is until 0.13.0.

Sushi Browser: Tab Settings
Courtesy of Kura52

When I first saw this update, I was happily surprised. I thought I would never see much of these customization options on a Chromium-based browser aside from Cent Browser. Sushi steps it up, as well. For example, a couple of the features integrate with the tab width and multi-row settings.

It appears Kura52, Sushi’s creator, is filling the void left by Firefox Quantum. Fortunately, Tab Mix Plus does still exist and can be used by browsers using Mozilla’s Gecko engine, but it may not remain compatible as the developer plans to recreate it in the WebExtensions API that Quantum uses and Chromium is compatible with.

The tab coloring and theme options also are a nice addition. The coloring uses the hexadecimal system, and there are a couple of tab themes: default, which is similar to Chrome’s default scheme, and dark, Sushi’s default theme in prior versions. Kura definitely has been aware of Vivaldi, being that he referenced it in a previous update that included the screenshot tool. The color-based options can be seen as more proof that Vivaldi influences Sushi.

Sushi Browser: Tab Color Settings

Sushi Browser: Tab Colors

The 0.13.x release has assured Sushi as my primary browser. I could tolerate using an extension to open tabs in the background. Although, I knew that it was not ideal because the experience was not seamless. Tabs actually would open in the foreground for a few milliseconds before giving focus back to the previously viewed tab. This did not steal focus from the cursor at the least. Still, an out-of-the-box solution generally is preferred because it usually is more stable, and speaking of stable, the bug fixes have brought welcome improvements. These color options appropriately put the Sushi in Sushi Browser as now it can look more like various rolls of the culinary staple.






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