Sushi Browser Workaround Solutions: Erroneous Tabs and Window Binding

Sushi Browser Workaround Solutions: Erroneous Tabs and Window Binding

I discovered Sushi Browser around version 2.0, and since then, it has become my favorite browser to use. It’s not perfect, but it has progressed nicely, considering that it is maintained by only one person, Kura52. I’ve noticed some errors with the browser, one of which is technical in nature, I believe. By technical, I mean that it may not be so much a glitch with Sushi as it is a general limitation of browser architecture. I’m not entirely sure about this because I have no experience with browser development.

The first error I noticed relates to private tabs and session tabs. For example, when you open one private tab, at least one opens shortly after, and then, a message box of a JavaScript error appears. This error is applicable at least as of version 0.11.1.

Sushi Browser: JavaScript Error

I’ve found that sometimes this causes the browser to crash after clicking OK. Fortunately, you can continue to browse with the message box still open, but the extra private tab which spawned the error has limited functionality. I’ve noticed for example that I can’t use the browser’s menu and website functionality is limited if the extra private or session tab is active. This does not apply to other open tabs that become active. These limitations are resolved when the error message is dismissed and the browser does not crash. I haven’t experienced any crashes yet relating to this scenario in versions beyond 0.11.X.

A more definite solution is to test the compatibility of extensions in regards to private tabs and session tabs. I’ve discovered that extensions like Privacy Badger cause the spawning and error messages. I disabled it, and the issue mostly disappeared. I suspected that it was an extension because the browser similarly acted as it does when Privacy Badger is installed. After a short delay, the extension will open a new tab with a tutorial. Just keep in mind that any extension that does this may cause the error.

Window binding is a unique feature of Sushi which allows the browser to bind any application to its tabs. For example, I can open a tab, select “Bind selected Window” in the menu, and click on an open Windows Explorer window. Windows Explorer then will occupy the browser window and stay on top of it. If the browser window moves, Windows Explorer will follow in this instance. You also can do this with Sushi’s window splitting to have an app bound to each active tab.

Window splitting, like in other browsers which have this feature, causes the browser window to become two or more panels. You can think of a panel as a special type of window that has some to most of the functionality of a window. In other browsers like Vivaldi for example, these panels share the same address bar and search bar if applicable. The desired panel must be active in order for either bar to have an effect on it. Sushi does not have to do this because each panel, like individual browser windows, has its own omnibar. However, they are still panels which function slightly differently from windows.

Sushi Browser: Application Binding - Glitching

One of the ways in which a panel functions differently is with window binding. Generally, window binding works most of the time. In some cases where you alt-tab, switch tabs, press the Windows key, etc., the binded window disappears usually behind the browser. You can resolve this by activating the binded window through the alt-tab, the taskbar, or most easily, the Windows key. This happens more frequently with panels. Still, there are exceptions depending on the binded application that I have noticed. I make sense of it like this: window binding works best with proper windows, and panels are not quite windows, so it is better to bind applications to windows that do not have split tabs.


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