v0.14.x of Sushi Browser Brings Video Conversion Functionality and 32-bit Windows Support

v0.14.x of Sushi Browser Brings Video Conversion Functionality and 32-bit Windows Support

After three weeks of work, Kura released 0.14.0, the first version of this major release, on January 11 followed by 0.14.1 a day later. This release is best signified by the newly integrated video converter.

The video conversion function uses HandBrake, an open-source video transcoder. HandBrake uses tools such as Libav, x264, and x265 for conversion.

This includes audio, as well. In this case, audio can be extracted and converted using FFmpeg, an open-source collection of libraries and tools to process and manipulate multimedia content.

Sushi includes other additions in this release also. The most notable may be the 32-bit version for Windows, which should be considered experimental. YouTube-dl was updated to 2018.02.11, and Muon was updated to 4.7.10 (Chromium 64.0.3282.140). Kura resolved some defects, as well. This continues with 0.14.1 which specifically fixed autofill and installation-related bugs.

As I mentioned before, I hope Kura is not forcing himself to take on too much. He has appeared to have consistently outpaced the development of many other browsers even while adding features that hardly any other has if at all. Still, this release does concern me.

I have to wonder if this soon will become a worthwhile endeavor for him, especially if it is well-received by users. Part of me also believes that Kura is adding a lot of these features for himself. I am completely all right with this if this is the case.

Also, I have noticed that application binding, a major feature, does not work in 0.14.0 and 0.14.1. Selecting the menu option causes the browser to crash. Kura likely has noticed this by now and is preparing a fix. Update: Indeed, it was resolved in 0.14.5.

Starting with 0.14.3, YouTube-dl was updated to 2018.02.25, and Muon was updated to 5.0.6. 0.14.4 brings a fix for a dialog defect, an update to Muon 5.0.7, an improvement to the performance of opening tabs, and the ability to select the location of the user data folder for the portable version. Aside from the window binding defect fix, 0.14.5 brings fixes for autofill and find in page defects, an update to YouTube-dl 2018.03.10, and an improvement to the main menu’s layout. 0.14.6 brings browsing data deletion upon exiting, an Adblock fix, general fixes, and updates to Muon 5.1.2, Ace Editor 13.2, YouTube-dl 2018.03.26.1, Infernojs 5.0.1, and Node-pty 0.7.4.

I am not sure how much more can be added to Sushi besides a notes feature a la Vivaldi and tab grouping. These certainly are relatively minor in comparison to the video converter. It’s possible that Kura may plan to finish adding major features to Sushi at least for a while if they’re going to break others. Nevertheless, this browser is in its pre-stable release phase, and he is fixing defects at a good pace, so we’ll see. I look forward to seeing how Sushi Browser continues to mature.




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