Sushi Browser Can Do This That The Average Browser Can’t: Audio and Video Options

Sushi Browser Can Do This That The Average Browser Can’t: Audio and Video Options

Search the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons for audio and video downloaders, and you’ll easily discover them. One of the reasons behind their popularity is that external media players such as VLC and SMPlayer offer more options and stability than their online equivalents. If you don’t want to look for a downloader add-on or extension or are worried that it may become incompatible with browser updates, you can try Sushi’s built-in audio and video options.

These can be accessed from the Rich Media List next to Settings. The icon is grayed out until a webpage with video or audio is loaded. When it is active, the icon will turn orange and contain a number reflecting the available options. The icon remains active even when navigating away from that particular webpage, which can be useful when quickly trying to create a personal playlist.

The available options for a video currently are playing it with the browser’s internal player in a new tab, downloading and playing it, playing it in an external video player, downloading it, downloading and converting it, downloading it and extracting its audio, and copying the video URL. These options are available per format and applicable resolution.

For example, a 720p YouTube video can offer .mp4, webm, and 3gp formats in DASH audio as well as 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p, and 144p resolutions.

In using the General Setting’s Send URL to external media player menu, you can send that video or just its audio to the currently supported media players: VLC, PotPlayer, SMPlayer, Media Player Classic Home Cinema, KMPlayer, GOM Player, iTunes, Kodi, MPV Player, and Windows Media Player. The list is not editable easily at the moment as you would need to go into configuration files to update it. I may detail how to do this if it is manageable.

If you desire another format such as .mkv, you can select the Download and Convert Video setting to convert the video.

Sushi Browser: Rich Media List - Download and Convert Video SelectionSushi Browser: Rich Media List - Download and Convert Video Selection - Options MenuSushi Browser: Video Conversion In Progress

Admittedly, I still am somewhat concerned about the inclusion of audio and video conversion, particularly because of how it could affect Sushi’s overall performance or at least the logistics of future releases. It took Kura a few weeks to implement this feature. I would believe some of that time was spent resolving defects of other functionality that were caused throughout the converter’s development. Nonetheless, the converter naturally does complement the other audio and video options in practice, and I can believe that content creators and consumers can use this integration as an advantage.


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