My Favorite Sushi Browser v0.16.X Features: Core Updates

My Favorite Sushi Browser v0.16.X Features: Core Updates

Starting with v0.16.0, Sushi Browser Shirauo, known as Icefish in English, brings a variety of updates, including additional tab mix plus functionality in the form of tab freezing, locking, and protection and core feature improvements.

New features have been added to the search function which can be activated by pressing ctrl + F. There also is additional logic built into it so that searches can be matched by case, an or condition, or regular expression. An example of the or condition would be to search “highlight function” with OR selected. This will highlight instances of “highlight” and “function” regardless of where those words appear on the page.

Sushi Browser: Search Highlighting with OR Condition

One of these is the bookmarks bar in v0.16.1. Kura added it, as well as a display of it on the top page. Links can be dragged and dropped to the bookmarks page or sidebar.  Speaking of the top page, the speed dials can be deleted from there, which is useful if there are particular sites and pages from the browser history that you don’t want to be shown there.

I like this because there are some users who need to have the expected browser functionality, and a bookmarks bar is usually one of those requirements. There are extensions that can bring that functionality, but direct integration with the browser generally, inherently is more stable and less complex from a logistical perspective.

As for v0.16.2, Kura has made improvements to the tab volume icon. The volume icon now appears on a tab if audio or video is playing. You can mute the tab by clicking the icon and change the volume from 0 to 800 percent by mousing over it.

v0.16.3 adds a browser restart function. One use case I use this for is to start a new session after automatically clearing browsing data.

Included in v0.16.4 are updates to the page zoom and tab opening features. It’s now possible to control the degree to which zooming occurs, anywhere from increments of one to 25 percent and to open tabs at the left end of the tab bar.

Then, v0.16.5 updates the order of the video and audio files list so that the newest files are populated at the top, next to the media icon rather than the bottom.

I’ll add to this list as Kura makes more updates to Shirauo.


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