Now with v0.17.0, Sushi Browser Continues to Take on Vivaldi

Now with v0.17.0, Sushi Browser Continues to Take on Vivaldi

Sushi Browser v0.17.0 Ikura (Salmon Roe) was released June 2, bringing features such as tab previews, a home button, homepage settings, file download location management, and, of course, defect fixes. You can find all of the new features on the official, GitHub releases page. As of the time of this post, v0.17.1 was released shortly thereafter to address some more issues.

Tab previews are the newest feature to take on Vivaldi, Opera, Otter Browser, and other browsers that have similar functionality. Sushi’s design is closest to that of Vivaldi, offering a preview by hovering over any background tab and allowing to have the previews for all tabs always be displayed by sliding the main toolbar away from the tab bar. Settings are available to disable this also.


Sushi Browser: Hover Tab Preview

Sushi Browser: Tab Previews

I have not used Vivaldi much in a while, but the functionality between the two does appear to be about the same. Tab previewing comes from the time of Opera Presto prior to Opera’s switch to Blink and Chromium in version 15. It’s been around since then in various states and probably has been most useful for power users. I like that Sushi offers it as a choice, and considering tab controls, specifically tab splitting, are its main theme, it should be of good use.




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