Sushi Browser v0.18.0 Brings Notes and Other Features to the Sidebar

Sushi Browser v0.18.0 Brings Notes and Other Features to the Sidebar

Sushi Browser v0.18.0 Iwashi (Sardine) includes a welcome feature to the sidebar: notes through the TOAST UI Editor. It has to be said that this feature is experimental, so it may not remain if it negatively affects usability or stability.

You can create a note by opening the sidebar and clicking the note sidebar icon and then the note icon. At the bottom, you’ll see the editor for that particular note. Markdown and WYSIWYG are supported. There are options to add headings, bolding, italics, text color, lists, indents, images, links, and so on. Clicking the save button will bring up Windows Explorer or the equivalent to save the note as a text file. This file then will be accessible from the interface.

Notes can be grouped under directories in the interface, which is useful for categorization. You also can delete notes by clicking the dash icon.

While this is experimental, it would be nice if the notes feature could be integrated permanently into Sushi. It’s a feature that can differentiate the browser in a positive way because it has a good amount of utility for various types of users: writers, note takers, programmers, and so on.

Another feature is tab trash. This adds an icon to the sidebar as well as the toolbar that contains the tab history grouped by time intervals. It’s like a readily accessible browser history that you can search from the toolbar or sidebar.

The last update I would like to mention is the import and export functions under the general settings. Now, you can import and export your settings between instances of the browser like an installed version and a portable version. I likely would use it for this reason if I had to use the portable version on a new work or public computer.

You can visit the official site or the GitHub releases page for more information.





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