Play YouTube Videos in An External Media Player

With Sushi Browser, you can play YouTube videos in an external media player without the use of add-ons or extensions. There are a few reasons one would want to do this, like having greater control over video playback as an example. There are two sets of steps that will work for this.

Send URL to external media player:

  1. Navigate to Sushi’s general browser settings, scroll down to Send URL to external media player, and select a media player from the list if necessary
  2. Navigate to a YouTube video
  3. Click the Rich Media List icon in the toolbar when it becomes active
  4. From any option in the list, select the Play External Video Player button (the third one)

Send URL via the context menu:

  1. Navigate to Sushi’s Context Menu settings
  2. Add a command with the name and location with the placeholder URL parameter of a media player on the OS, and enable it
    1. Using SMPlayer as an example, the command would be “C:\Program Files\SMPlayer\smplayer.exe” %s
    2. The %s is the placeholder for the URL that will be sent to the player
  3. Browse a listing of YouTube videos, and right-click on one
  4. Select “Send URL to [media player]” from the context menu

Now, you can play YouTube videos in your preferred media player. In other browsers like Chrome or Firefox, an add-on or extension would be necessary to do this, but Sushi can do this at least two ways, neither of which depend on third-party functionality. This should work for any video provided the Rich Media List and media player recognize them.

There is more to Sushi Browser than control over video playback. Learn how a recent update has made the most versatile browser become more versatile.



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